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Staying Ahead of the Game! LLC

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Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

Staying Ahead of the Game!LLC is an academic coaching company headquartered in the Houston area with services now available in Austin. Please call 512-33-SAOTG (72684) for more information about our Austin location. We offer unique and one-of-a-kind services helping students, even those struggling with motivation and/or learning differences, to succeed in academia and beyond through the development of essential life skills. Our professional coaches help students master such life skills as organization, time-management, study skills, and communication/social skills.

Join Our Team

Does helping students achieve life-long success appeal to you? Become an academic coach!

We offer a unique and one of a kind service helping capable middle and high school students, even those suffering from learning differences, to reach higher levels of achievement in academia and in life.

Dynamic Mind Workshop


The Dynamic Mind Workshop, offered through our friends at Mind Technologies Inc., will help your student:

  • Read 3 times faster
  • Triple listening comprehension ability
  • Memorize 10 times more
  • Improve concentration by 50%
  • Triple visualization skills
  • Find out more

Our Philosophy


At Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC, we believe that every student is unique and should be treated as such. Academic achievement is only one factor in a student's overall success. Unlike traditional, subject-specific tutors who emphasize success on day-to-day assignments, our coaches guide and mentor students in building a strong foundation of crucial life skills essential to success both inside and outside the classroom. These fundamentals include good organizational skills, effective time management, well-developed study habits, and proactive self-promotion. Successful development of these essential life skills ensures that our students always stay ahead of their game!

Essential to the coaching process is the student-coach dynamic. If a student does not like and trust a tutor or coach, even the best program in the world would be minimally effective at best. This is a major characteristic that sets us apart from other companies. At Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC, all team members are hand-selected and trained by our founder and head coach. This ensures that, in addition to carrying a mastery of all the life skills we teach, coaches have strong communication skills, are unique, friendly, and non-threatening.