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Why should I sign up for the College Orientation Program?

The first year of college is a shock to many students. With no parents or guardians to watch over them closely, the new freedom can lead students down unproductive paths. Students often spend their sophomore, junior, and senior years bringing up their GPA’s from freshman year. We work with students to combat the pitfalls that many incoming freshmen succumb to so that their first college level course does not catch them off guard.

How do I sign up for the College Orientation Program?

If you are interested in having Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC host our College Orientation Program at your student’s campus, contact our office to see if one is already planned. If it is not, we will be happy to contact the school and set up a course for interested students at the college. If you know the name of the appropriate person to contact at the school, please provide it to our office so that we may speak to the school as quickly as possible.

What results should I expect after completing the College Orientation Program?

After completing the College Orientation Program, students will walk away with a newly organized binder system, an effective time management strategy, new expertise in studying for exams, and advice on working with teachers and campus resources. Students walk away with a formula. If this new knowledge is applied, this will positively affect school success!

Can a coach travel to my student’s out-of-town college to work one-on-one with my student in his/her school environment even if there is no College Orientation Program available at my student’s school?

Of course! We call this our Premier Onsite Coaching Program. Our coaches travel to your student’s school to observe your student’s current habits, and based on what is observed, the coach will help your student to formulate a new system for managing school obligations and social activities.