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Staying Ahead of the Game! LLC

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Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

Who would best benefit from the Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC Customizable Life Skills Workshop?

Our hands-on workshop is ideal for schools, churches, clubs, teachers, and other educators looking to help their members/students to break old, unproductive work habits and adopt new, more productive ones. We plant the seed of success in the minds of participants as well as help them to grow into motivated, organized, and efficient individuals.

Who hires Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC to present workshops?

We work with private and public schools, academies, churches, synagogues, colleges, fraternities, community centers, youth groups, and other institutions.

How can Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC tailor the Life Skills Workshop to meet the needs of my school or organization?

The Customizable Life Skills Workshop is just that: customizable. Our curriculum planners will work closely with your organization to be sure we tailor the workshop to meet your objectives. Since the workshop is so customizable, please contact our office to discuss more details.

What materials are needed or provided?

Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC will have all handouts, worksheets, etc. Depending on the specific arrangements (i.e., the resources of the institution), folders, binders, and photocopies can be our responsibility or be made the responsibility of the participating institution, school, or organization.

What is the cost of the Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC workshop?

The Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC Life Skills Workshops range in topic, size, and length. Thus, the price for the workshop is dependent upon many factors. Call our office for additional information. After gaining some basic information on a client’s needs, our billing department will be able to provide a quote.

How will the Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC Life Skills Workshop benefit the students at my school or the members of my group?

Depending on the objectives of the workshop, participants leave the workshop with a better understanding of organization, time-management, study skills, and great ideas for successful impression management.