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At Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC, we are happy to tailor our Customizable Life Skills Workshop to suit the specific needs of your institution. A customized version of our hands-on workshop is ideal for groups large and small whose members and administrators wish to promote success through the development of essential life skills. Our curriculum builders work personally with your organization to ensure that we create a Life Skills Workshop which addresses all areas of concern, whilst inspiring and motivating participants.

Some of the topics often requested in Customizable Life Skills Workshop are:

  • Motivation & Self-Discipline – Students and professionals alike need invigoration; our dynamic coaches excite participants to make changes in habits and lifestyles.
  • Organization – Our coaches emphasize the importance of a well-planned organizational system that works for an individual’s specific needs. This involves step-by-step guidance on methods of organization. In the past, coaches have implemented school–wide organizational systems in order to streamline operations, maximize effectiveness, and instill a sense of uniformity for students.
  • Time Management – Our coaches focus on effective use of time, which is one of the greatest steps that can be taken towards maximum productivity. Group leaders discuss different ways of scheduling tasks and demonstrate how organization and time-management truly lie at the foundation of everything.
  • Study Skills – Our coaches stress efficiency in reading, writing, test preparation, and test taking. We educate participants on techniques for writing papers, memorization, note taking, and much more.
  • Impression Management – Unfortunately, working hard is simply not enough. Managing the perceptions that others have of you is crucial both in school and beyond. Coaches stress the importance of being proactive, networking, and self-presentation, as well as offer some helpful tips for doing this successfully.
  • Goal Setting – When students can identify what they are working toward, focus and motivation increase. Even if goals change as progress is made, it is important to always be striving for something. Coaches help students to set personal, academic, relationship, and health goals.

Educators, guidance counselors, PTO/PTA leaders, active parents, religious clergy, organization committee members, youth ministers, community leaders, company managers, etc. are encouraged to contact us to discuss how our Customizable Life Skills Workshop can educate and benefit your students, members, or employees.

If you are interested in having a Customizable Life Skills Workshop at your organization, please contact our office at 713-665-GAME (4263) or for more information.