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summer achievement program

What is the normal student teacher ratio for the Group Coaching Program?

At Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC, we understand the value of one-on-one attention, even in a classroom environment. To ensure that students receive a considerable amount of personal instruction in the Group Coaching Program, our ideal student to coach ratio is 4:1.

Where are the group sessions held?

The location for each Group Coaching Program varies. We often schedule Group Coaching Programs in areas we typically don’t service, though we do have groups in our service area too. Once a group is established and deposits have been received from enough students, a central meeting location is secured for that group.

How often does the group meet?

The Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC Group Coaching Program is designed to be taught through 12 sessions lasting two hours each. The group typically meets twice weekly for six weeks.

What if a student cannot make it to a session?

There is one make-up session at the end of the program for anyone who may have missed a class.

Can a student enroll in both the Group Coaching Program and the One-on-One Coaching Program?

Because the curriculum of both programs is very similar, we do not advise enrolling in both courses at the same time. However, after completing the Group Coaching Program, many students choose to enter the maintenance portion of the One-on-One Coaching Program to receive additional support.

How can I get information about scheduling a group session at my school?

Any classes arranged by a school or organization for its students or members fall under the category of our Customizable Life Skills Workshop. These courses can follow the Group Coaching Program curriculum or can be tailored to the particular needs of the school or organization. Please see the Customizable Life Skills Workshop section of this website or call 713-665-GAME (4263).

What is the cost of the Group Coaching Program?

The cost of the Group Coaching Program is $1095 per student. Payment is due in advance in order to secure a student’s spot in each session. This is only refundable should the class not fill.