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group coaching program

The Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC Group Coaching Program is a four-phase course designed to teach students critical life skills through 24 hours of classroom instruction over a period of six weeks. This program is ideal for students who learn well from an exciting and engaging instructor, but do not desire the specialization of our One-on-One Coaching Program. At Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC, we address the need for both academic work, as well as an important set of life skills in order to reach maximum performance and excel in the future. The objectives of the Group Coaching Program reflect the four phases of our core One-on-One Program: organization, time management, study skills, and impression management.

The first phase is organization. Our coaches discuss with students several organizational techniques which can be used to take charge of their academic routine. Coaches implement a binder organization system with each student. We also stress the need for an overall organizational system in backpacks, lockers, desks, etc. Through classroom activities, we show the students how simple it can be to get organized and stay organized.

The second phase is time management. Coaches teach students how to properly use a homework planner and how to effectively plan for homework, exams, projects, and papers. In the Group Coaching Program, coaches help students to strategize and complete their homework as efficiently as possible. Students also receive valuable information about prioritizing obligations and managing their extracurricular schedules in addition to their academic responsibilities.

The third phase is study skills. We teach students how to study for exams in all subject areas, as well as strategies for taking objective and subjective exams. Coaches also teach memorization strategies, note-taking techniques, and how to properly prepare for research papers. These new skills are demonstrated through a series of activities and example questions.

The fourth phase is impression management. Coaches help students realize the value of building relationships and networking. The students are asked to consider how current academic habits and personal characteristics may affect how others perceive their academic potential. We stress the value of networking and becoming involved in clubs and organizations. Coaches educate students on the importance of utilizing their resources such as teachers, counselors, advisors, parents, peers, etc. to maximize their success.