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How do you determine who will coach my college student for the Intensive College Break Program?

Our coaches who teach the Intensive College Break Program are a special subset of our core One-on-One Program coaches who have been trained specifically to work with college students.

What results should I expect for my student after he/she completes the Intensive College Break Program?

After completing the Intensive College Break Program, students will possess the tools they need to be successful upon returning to school. Students will have a new binder organization system, an effective time management strategy, an array of skills and tricks for studying, and advice on working with teachers and utilizing campus resources.

How many days does the Intensive College Break Program last?

Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC caters the program to meet the needs and time constraints of each student. The program length can range from three days to three months.

Where does the coaching take place?

The Intensive College Break Program is typically done out of the student’s home. If necessary, arrangements can be made to meet at an alternate location, such as a library or office.

What is the cost of the Intensive College Break Program?

All billing is done on an hourly basis. Rates range from $50 to $120 an hour, most of our coaches’ rates are in the $60 - $80 range.

Can a coach travel to my student’s out-of-town college to work with my student in his/her school environment?

Of course! We call this our Premier Onsite Coaching Program Our coaches travel to your student's school to observe his/her current habits and help your student to formulate a new system for managing school obligations and even social activities.