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One-on-One Coaching Program

The Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC One-on-One Coaching Program is our bread and butter. It is designed to teach a specialized four-phase lesson plan to students during twice weekly sessions over the better part of a semester. Our coaches work closely with students to set goals and build the necessary foundation for achieving them. At Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC, we address the need for an important set of life skills including organization, time management, study skills, and impression management.

The first phase is organization. Our coaches work one-on-one with students to assess their current organizational skills and implement a personalized organizational system that works with their individual needs. In the One-on-One Coaching Program, our coaches take the time to personally help each student to identify his/her specific class requirements and to address each requirement in his/her new organization system.

The second phase is time management. Coaches teach students how to properly use a homework planner and how to effectively plan for homework, exams, projects, and papers. Each student enrolled in the One-on-One Coaching Program will receive help juggling academic and extra-curricular activities as well as advice on how to break up large assignments and test study sessions in order to ensure that their time is best utilized.

The third phase is study skills. Coaches teach students how to study for exams in all subject areas, as well as strategies for taking objective and subjective exams. Coaches also demonstrate memorization strategies, give advice on proper reading techniques, and educate students on how to properly prepare for research papers. In our One-on-One Coaching Program, these skills are demonstrated on students’ actual class tests and homework assignments in the place which they most frequently study, the home.

The fourth phase is impression management. Coaches help students realize the value of building relationships and networking. Coaches teach students about the importance of utilizing their resources such as teachers, counselors, advisors, parents, peers, etc. to maximize their success. We promote the value of networking and becoming involved in clubs and activities. When in one-on-one sessions, coaches help students with resume building and preparing college applications as necessary.