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Staying Ahead of the Game! LLC

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Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

We have been using Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC for over a year and they have helped our son, who is in his first year of high school, improve in the areas of organization, study planning, homework, and test preparation. Best of all, his teachers noticed and two of them emailed me unsolicited positive feedback about his progress.

Parent (High School Freshman)

Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC made a difference of night and day in our household. Before [my son's coach] came into our lives, my son was up until midnight every evening working on homework. I received a random call from the head of the company after only three sessions with our coach. My son's coach had taken the initiative to express concern about my son's distractibility. In short, my son has a learning difference, has started on medication, and is more motivated than ever. We are so blessed to have found Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC, and our coach has truly changed my son's life.

Parent (High School Sophomore)

I'm a guidance counselor at a public middle school in Houston. Teachers try hard to give every student personal attention, but sometimes it just isn't possible with so many students in a classroom. The services that Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC offer young people are truly amazing and exactly what they need as they develop into happy, healthy adults. They've really hit the nail on the head!

Guidance Counselor (Middle School)

The students at [our school] who participate in the program show distinct improvement in their school work. Teachers frequently comment on the consistency with which students improve after enrolling in Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC.

Academic Dean (High School)

For patients with learning differences, academic coaching is essential. I've sent several of my patients with ADD to them and all of them have had marked improvement. Now we keep brochures in the office all the time.

Psychotherapist (ADD/ADHD Specialist)

My husband and I heard Evan speak some time back and I just found his card at the bottom of my kitchen drawer. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! We hired a coach and she was everything we hoped for and more. My daughter has improved an entire letter grade in two of her classes already and has newfound motivation.

Parent (Middle School Student)