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Staying Ahead of the Game! LLC

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Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

Our founder, Evan Weinberger, has spoken for several organizations and schools in the past. A few topics of particular interest include:

  • Learning differences & Academic coaching
  • "I think I can, I think I can": Setting goals & reaching goals
  • "How do I get my teen through high school?"
  • Making the transition: Middle school to high school
  • Making the transition: High school to college
  • "My teen's grades have fallen and they won't come up!"
  • "Get off my back, Mom & Dad!"
  • Becoming a cheerleading parent
  • "Because I said so": Motivating your teen
  • "Shhh... how to get what you want from your parents & teachers."
  • Getting ahead. Staying Ahead.
  • Organization IS important!
  • Making time for it all: Effective time-management
  • "If it sounds like kissing up, you're just not doin' it right!"
  • It's called impression management, not kissing up
  • Academic coaching & Learning differences
  • Surviving summer
  • "I get more done than you."
  • Academic tutoring vs. Academic coaching