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Staying Ahead of the Game! LLC

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Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

Is Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC right for my student?

YES! Regardless of your grade level, gender, or current academic record, there are many benefits to enrolling in one of our Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC programs. We teach valuable life skills that will benefit EVERY student for years to come. The majority of our students are high school or middle school level, but we have programs appropriate for college level students as well.

Why Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC?

At Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC we strive to make every session as unique and dynamic as possible, adapting our program to the needs of each student. To our knowledge, we are the only company in town that specializes only in organizational, time-management, and study skills. Furthermore, the impression management component of our program which helps students develop and utilize their interpersonal skills is truly one of a kind. Finally, each of our coaches, in addition to their experience, is selected for his/her individuality and personality.

Can Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC help my student with learning differences?

Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC coaches tailor our program to meet the specific needs of each student we coach. We have helped students with an array of learning differences (e.g., ADD, ADHD, turrets, dyslexia, dysgraphia) to overcome those challenges and succeed both in and out of the classroom. Ideally, we recommend all new clients opt for an evaluation session because there are some coaches that have more experience working with certain learning differences than others. If a client does not wish to have an evaluation session, it is extra important to fill out the questions in your new client pack as thoroughly as possible because this is the only information we will have to match your student up with a coach.

What direct academic benefits will my student receive by signing up for Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC if his/her day-to-day homework and studying isn’t completed in the coaching sessions?

We are happy to address questions about specific homework problems (within the comfort zone of the coach) and basic subject matter, but if a student needs intense academic help beyond what we can provide, we will be happy to recommend an outside subject tutor to focus on that specific area. Though many students drastically improve their grades, we also do a lot of work with students who already do fine in their academics. Therefore, though many do have significant short term results, our focus is on the life skills needed for longer term success.

Does Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC offer services all over the Greater Houston Area?

We make every effort to accommodate new clients all over Houston. Currently, we operate in the Galleria, West University, Bellaire, Tanglewood, River Oaks, Memorial, Sugarland, and Meyerland area. If you live outside of these areas, we may still be able to accommodate you for a small distance fee. Regardless, call our office to check as we are constantly expanding.

How can I get my student started?

Signing up is quick and easy. Simply contact our office at 713-665-GAME (4263) and we are more than happy to answer questions about any of our programs. Our administrative staff is available Monday – Friday during business hours to answer any questions you may have. Call sooner rather than later as we have had a waiting list for several months of the year for several of our programs. Upon request and based on availability, we will reserve you a spot for up to 48 hours if one is available at the time you call. Once you sign up, we will e-mail you the necessary paperwork and get started, in most cases, within a couple days of receiving payment information.