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How is your Summer Achievement Program different from your One-on-One Program?

The Summer Achievement Program is designed to assist students in making the best use of their time during the summer months. The other programs we offer are driven by the student’s academic work. The Summer Achievement Program ensures that every student has a personalized plan for summertime success. The program focuses on setting and achieving goals by the end of the summer.

If my student is new to Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC, can he/she begin with the Summer Achievement Program?

Yes! The Summer Achievement Program is a great program for students who have little or no experience with Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC. By beginning our program in the summer, students avoid potential motivation issues associated with starting the program already “in a hole” due to the fact that they spent a part of the semester un-organized and un-focused. The Summer Achievement Program helps students to gear up for the fall.

If my student has already attended the Group Coaching Program or the One-on-One Coaching Program, will the Summer Achievement Program benefit my student?

Yes! The Summer Achievement Program can be beneficial to any student, regardless of prior enrollment in another one of our programs. While free time is a commodity during the school year, with summer comes a lot more unstructured time to manage. Each summer comes with a new, and often different, set of responsibilities. The Summer Achievement Program is a great way to top off a good semester and build momentum going into the fall. Since coaches work so closely with students over the summer, our coaches are able to personalize the program to every student.

Will the Group Coaching Program or One-on-One Coaching Program benefit my student if he/she has already participated in the Summer Achievement Program?

Yes! The Summer Achievement Program can be viewed as a great intro to both our One-on-One Program and Group Coaching Program. This program walks a student through the steps of goal-setting and goal completion, and is a great way for a student to gain self-confidence while achieving summer success.

Where are Summer Achievement Program sessions held?

Summer programs are based out of our office located at 2450 Fondren

How long does the Summer Achievement Program last?

The Summer Achievement Program is designed to start as soon as school gets out and last the duration of the summer. This allows students and coaches to schedule and begin tackling summer goals immediately so that no task is left to the last minute. Meetings are typically once to twice per week and last 60-90 minutes.

Does my student need to be enrolled in summer school classes for the Summer Achievement Program to be beneficial?

No, a student does not need to be enrolled in summer school. The focus of the Summer Achievement Program is to set goals (e.g., personal, fitness, academic, college planning) and achieve these goals by the end of the summer.

Can the Summer Achievement Program be scheduled around vacations, camps, and other summer commitments?

Yes, appointment times can be scheduled around summer activities and commitments. Making these arrangements is one of the first objectives that is tackled when coaches begin working with a new student.

How will my student be matched with his/her coach?

A subset of our coaches have received training specific to the Summer Achievement Program. Based upon notes from our initial evaluation session, students are matched with a coach we think would be ideal. If a client opts out of a formal evaluation session, we match coaches based upon information we have from the new client paperwork. On a rare occasion, in spite of our best efforts, a coach may feel that a student is not getting the most from our program and, depending upon the situation, we may swap coaches.

What is the cost of the Summer Achievement Program?

All billing is done on an hourly basis. Rates range from $75 to $145 an hour, but most of our coaches’ rates are in the $75 - $90 range.

Are there long term obligations associated with the Summer Achievement Program?

Appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance will incur a cancellation fee equal to one hour of your coach’s time. There are no long term commitments associated with our Summer Achievement Program.

Will the Summer Achievement Program help my student with the college application process?

If a student is involved in the college application process, our coaches will help organize application deadlines. Coaches will also help these students with resume writing and essay writing. For students not yet applying to college, coaches can help with resume building and pre-resume writing.