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summer achievement program

The Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC Summer Achievement Program teaches students a three-phase system which helps them to make the best use of their time away from school. Coaches assist students in identifying and completing summertime goals and entering the new school year primed for success. Because students have more “free time” during the summer, time management becomes even more crucial. The Summer Achievement Program allows each student to combat the many distractions which so often cause the summer to slip away.

The first phase is identifying summer goals. Coaches help students pinpoint specific summer goals, both academic and non-academic, such as completing college applications, securing jobs and internships, and completing assigned summer school work.

Phase two is creating a calendar. Coaches work with the student to make a calendar plan for effectively managing time and ensuring summer goals are met. We understand that family time and relaxation are crucial parts of summer; therefore, our coaches block time for scheduled summer vacations, sleep-away camps, etc. Coaches then help students to break down assignments and self-impose due dates for summer objectives in the time remaining. By preparing a plan for accomplishment over the summer, students lay the foundation for the start of a successful school year.

The third phase is achieving summer success. Coaches guide the students to follow through with their individual calendars and ensure that summer objectives are met. Coaches provide tips and strategies for accomplishing goals with minimal stress and maximum productivity. Ending the summer with a bang is the first step to beginning the new school year in the same fashion.