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How Emily Got Ahead.

When Emily was a sophomore in high school, her mother contacted Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC at the recommendation of her school counselor in order to help her build her executive functioning skills and simplify her daily routines. Emily and her parents were hoping to be able to improve their relationship through the simple process of allowing Emily to take more ownership of her own success in the classroom.

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Our enriching programs and services promote the awareness and development of essential executive functioning skills to students, parents, educators, and professionals. 


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Helping students be the best versions of themselves through one-on-one and group programming.



Assisting schools and other institutions to better serve their students by helping to implement new systems and policies.



Engaging with local professionals, parents, and educators to ensure that we can help as many students as possible.

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When working with students, there are two really BIG things that all coaches need: BIG brains and BIG personalities. We select our coaches based on a combination of experience, personality, and ability to connect with kids. Coaches are provided with initial and ongoing enrichment opportunities so that they remain on the cutting edge of executive functioning skills training methodologies. Students and coaches are paired based on a combination of personality traits, student needs, and coach strengths; we pride ourselves on being more than a simple matching service for coaches and students. Please take a moment to meet some of our coaches!

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