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August 2022

An Unconventional Approach to Textbook Reading

Most students despise textbook reading assignments, and it’s not hard to see why. Textbooks are built to be boring. The density of the book alone is enough to frighten away even the most enthusiastic students. Textbooks, generally speaking, are poorly organized, written for maximal boredom, and render more confusion than clarity. So, why should students …

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Break Time

Breaks get a bad wrap. Whether it’s the never quit mentality instilled in our kids through sports or the workaholic tendencies of many seemingly admirable pop culture figures, many kids view breaks with disdain. Still, it’s worth mentioning that many students abuse breaks, as well. They see breaks as an oasis from the seemingly endless …

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Summer Reading

Summer reading seemed like such an easy feat several months ago, as finals week turned into summer break. Read a book and write an essay, that’s simple, right? After all, students had just completed nine months of reading and writing. If it’s so easy, why start now?  So, that summer reading book fresh from Amazon …

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