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Our Story

They say all you need to create a great company is to solve a problem in your life that other people also experience.

Our Founder & CEO, Evan Weinberger, struggled with ADHD his entire academic career. He lost focus in class, turned projects in late, misplaced his homework assignments, and failed to do the “little things” right even though he was a more than capable learner. Teachers criticized him for being lazy and forgetful when all he needed was a bit of guidance.

He clawed his way through school and landed in a doctoral program for industrial and organizational psychology, which focused on the human side of work, helping executives perform to their potential with the plethora of everyday responsibilities.Then, he had an idea.

So, Evan created the program he needed as a kid. He designed an Executive Functioning skills curriculum around the “little things” like organizing materials, keeping track of deadlines, avoiding procrastination, remembering tests and quizzes, studying effectively, and building relationships with a student’s circle of support such as teachers and counselors.

Evan Weinberger

Founder & CEO,

Evan Weinberger - CEO of SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Evan Weinberger

Founder & CEO, SAOTG

What makes us really unique is our proprietary, research-driven Executive Functioning program.

“What really makes us unique is our proprietary, research-driven executive coaching and executive functioning program. EF skills are those foundational skills that help students learn actually how to learn.

The sessions that we have with our students can occur at our office, but in most cases we come to the home where they are completing their homework when we are not around anymore. We are teaching them how to manage distractions, how to be organized, how to manage their time, what that dirty, five-letter word STUDY really means.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to help capable students, including those struggling with learning differences, to achieve greater success by improving their executive functioning skills such as organization, task prioritization, study skills, and impression management.
SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring Mission
SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring Vision

Our Vision

We envision a world where there are happy kids, happy parents, stress and anxiety are removed out of school, and everyone feels confident. We want to be the glue that brings a student’s circle of support together by coordinating all the members including the family, teachers, school specialists, and outside professionals.

Our Values

   We value the highest standards of customer service.
   We value relentless commitment to our clients’ success.
   We value loyalty, integrity, accountability, respect, and teamwork.
   We value creativity, curiosity, and adaptability.

SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring Values

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Our Staff

Our expert academic coaches, onboarding specialists, and leadership team are eager to help your student succeed in the classroom and beyond!

Our Services

Our suite of services includes academic coaching and tutoring, standardized test prep, group programs, and the Mindprint Learning Assessment.

Four Phases to Success

Our four pillars of success are fundamental to our award-winning programming. These include organization, time management, study skills, and impression management.

Executive Function Skills

EF skills allow us to plan, focus, remember instructions, and juggle tasks. Students need these skills to filter, prioritize, set and achieve goals, and conrol impulses.

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