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Academic Coaching and Tutoring

One-On-One, In-Person, and Virtual Sessions for Executive Functioning Skills Training

SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring Benefits A Diverse Range of Students

Our unique one-on-one academic coaching and tutoring service is designed to help students get ahead and stay ahead in the ever-changing educational environment.

Staying Ahead of the Game coaches and tutors work one-on-one primarily with students from 3rd grade through college to sharpen their Executive Functioning (EF) skills.

Students work hand-in-hand with their coaches to develop action plans to help them grow, build confidence, and succeed.

Coaches provide one-on-one coaching in the student’s home environment or at our office to enhance four critical skills:

Build a Foundation for Great Learners

The SAOTG Approach Benefits All Students by Meeting Them Where They Are

Evan Weinberger - SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Evan Weinberger

Founder & CEO, SAOTG

We help identify the areas of Executive Functioning (EF) in need of development which would result in improved performance.

Does your student do well on small assignments, but struggle on test day? Can your student ace any test, but then fails to turn in simple assignments?

Whether your student needs help building compensatory skills for a learning difference or would benefit from expert direction to perform at his or her highest potential, our academic coaches provide personalized, actionable guidance and accountability.

Our founder and CEO, Evan Weinberger, struggled with ADHD throughout his education. He built SAOTG to provide the expert guidance he needed as a kid. We meet students where they are and show them where they can go.

Unlike traditional tutoring services, we provide long-lasting support rather than band-aid solutions. We want students to thrive after we’re gone, so we ensure our coaching services build the foundations of long-term academic independence.

What Makes SAOTG Unique?

Focus on Executive Functioning Skills

In her bestselling book Grit, psychologist Angela Duckworth, explains, “I have found that Executive Functioning skills can be taught successfully, but for some students, it takes more than teaching the skills to get the students to use them.”

We wholeheartedly agree! Executive Functioning skills are the fuel that takes students where they want to go. AND they’re not innate and unchangeable, they are teachable!

Our mission is to teach these skills to as many students as we can. Therefore, our flagship one-on-one academic coaching service is for every student. Executive Functioning skills are a lifelong investment, and we are right by your side for the long haul.

Student-Centric to Drive Success

SAOTG is unlike other tutoring companies because of our student-focused lessons and methodology. From the ones struggling to keep pace to the students flying high, we can help them all because our goal is growth. Every student can grow with the right support system.

You can expect our team to be passionate, patient, and student-centric. Our lessons are dynamic and engaging. We tailor our award-winning and research-driven EF curriculum to each student.

We believe every student is unique and thus requires a unique, personalized approach. You can expect us to be in your family’s corner… every step of the way.

SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring for Students

What Does a Typical Session Look Like?

A session with an SAOTG Academic Coach is fun, informative, and growth-oriented! We typically meet with students for two 60 to 90-minute sessions per week, where we focus on each pillar of our curriculum: organization, time management, study skills, and impression management. Even better, we use your student’s curriculum to drive our sessions.

Our goal is to give students knowledge that leads to action. SAOTG Academic Coaches impart the knowledge, and then we initiate action right alongside your student. We strongly emphasize implementation and accountability in each session. We help students set goals and work hard to achieve them both inside and outside of the classroom.

Hear From Our Students and Families

SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring - Customer Reviews

Tony is an excellent tutor/academic coach. He has taught my son numerous organizational skills and helped him navigate a rigorous middle school curriculum. He is also a great motivator (which can be challenging during the middle school years).

He was always punctual and available, and he provided excellent feedback regarding my son’s progress. I highly recommend Tony and Staying Ahead of the Game.

— Erin M., Parent


Had a great experience. They really helped me a lot with my organization and making sure I got everything done for school that I needed to get done.

They helped me set up binders that really helped me out a lot with keeping track of papers and also having everything organized which made for easier access.

— Mattias K., Student


Our experience with SAOTG has been top-notch from the 1st phone call. Evan has worked closely with my son & me to hear & understand our wishes & to connect us with a coach who is a great match.

Diana has an intuitive understanding of how to work with my son, keeping him on-task in a firm & consistent but collaborative way. After his meetings with Diana, my son is happy, excited and encouraged. It’s so great to see. Thanks SO much SAOTG!!

— S. H., Parent

Subject-Specific Tutoring

SAOTG’s coaches possess broad areas of expertise, and we match students with coaches who can help with even the most complex of topics. We are truly a one-stop-shop for academic and future success. We provide tutoring support for:

  • All subjects K-12
  • Macro skills such as reading, writing, and foreign languages
  • Summer programming to stay on top of learning between school years
  • Interview and resume preparation
  • Public speaking practice
  • Credit recovery assistance
  • Application support for middle school, high school, or college admissions
  • Nontraditional schooling and homeschooled students

Why Choose SAOTG For Academic Coaching and Tutoring?

Tailored to Your Unique Situation

Every student is unique. That’s why we utilize our rigorous coach-student matching process to make sure we hit the ground running. Our approach is built for long-lasting relationships, from the Mindprint assessment, which clarifies a student’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, to our commitment to matching student with coaches who fit their distinctive personalities.

We tailor our program to your family’s situation because we want this to succeed just as much as you do. We can accommodate crazy schedules and challenging learning differences. We meet students where they are and guide them toward growth. That is our number one goal.

Constant Accountability & Support

We know that students don’t stop being students when the bell rings around 3pm every day. It’s a 24-hour, 365-day commitment. That’s why we provide accountability and support every step of the way.

Our coaches are masters of holding students accountable both inside and outside of sessions. We can provide unique remediation and advancement opportunities for your child in every part of the year, even in the summer. Like a boxing coach sits in the corner barking out encouragement and advice for all nine rounds, we commit ourselves to keeping students accountable all year long.


Unlike traditional tutoring that focuses on one subject or one standardized test, our unique executive function curriculum aims for the future. Organization, time management, study skills, and impression management provide the scaffolding for a lifetime of success, academic and otherwise.

We pride ourselves on helping students prepare for the challenges of tomorrow and the challenges of next year and beyond because we teach lifelong skills.

Jump-Start Your Student’s Path to Success

If you are tired of watching your child struggle with school or perform below his or her potential, we can help.