Alec Creel

Academic Coach

Fun Facts:

Friendly, Energetic, Goal oriented

Hi! I’m Alec! I am an Academic Coach for Staying Ahead of the Game. I have a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Texas Christian University. I was an elite student athlete and member of the TCU baseball team while ranked the #1 D1 program in the nation. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Physics at the Southwest Research Institute through UT San Antonio.
I cherish the opportunity to work with students on developing a passion about reaching one’s intellectual potential and cultivating the skills necessary to be a self-confident thinker and problem solver. I believe that education is not an incidental affair but part and parcel of what makes life possible and rewarding. I encourage all of my students to become excited about their academic growth by connecting the importance of strong thinking and learning habits to their overall achievements and progress.

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