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Beth Atwell

Special Projects

Fun Facts:

Caring, Hardworking, Passionate

Hi, I am Beth! I currently serve on the leadership team at Staying Ahead of the Game as the Special Projects Coordinator. Having held nearly every position in the company over the past decade, I enjoy both supporting other members of the leadership team and collaborating closely with our founder to launch new and exciting projects, products, and services that allow us to expand our influence and reach more students.

In addition to my role on the leadership team, I continue to work with students as a senior coach. Working directly with students is what originally drew me to the company, and it is hard for me to imagine a day when I give up watching our fantastic program work for students first-hand.

For me, the most critical element to being successful when working with students is being able to recognize each student’s unique talents and interests. I find that students are most always capable of success when they approach a challenge in a way that allows them to use their own individual strengths to their advantage.