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Why Vocabulary Matters & How to Improve It

Learning vocabulary is a tricky prospect, isn’t it? Endlessly important, yet mysterious to teach, the subject of vocabulary remains a sore spot in most classrooms these days. Vocabulary workbooks are quickly proving anachronistic in the modern English class. Teachers instead opt for the holistic approach to the English language, relinquishing vocab and grammar drills to …

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How to Recognize and Rescue a Student with Burnout

The burnout phenomenon is often reserved for middle-aged career types, but I think that belief is misguided. Burnout affects all age types, and it is becoming much more common in high school and college students. The danger of always-on, the increasing demands of the fiercely competitive college admission process, and the ironically under-equipped adolescent mind …

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How to Change Habits

I know, I know, another post about habits. We are firm believers in habits and routines for success at school and beyond. Habits form the foundation of any successful person, so naturally, we write about them a lot. While we have posts dedicated to study habits, time management habits, micro habits, and every habit-related subcategory …

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The Feynman Technique

Simplicity is underrated. Albert Einstein once said, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” True mastery of a concept requires thorough understanding and condensation of complex matters into everyday jargon. Too often, when students learn a challenging new concept, they rely too heavily on complicated vernacular that, while precise, is …

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Back-to-school resource guide

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