Impression Management

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

“The challenges we face are irrelevant. I only care about your response.” One of my favorite teachers and mentors repeated this axiom weekly during my sophomore year of high school. Every late homework assignment, every poorly written essay, and every athletic failure received the same twelve-word response. Although frustrating to hear for the thousandth time, …

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Choosing Extracurriculars

For all age groups, extracurricular activities play a key role both in allowing students to develop their interests, hobbies, and talents outside of the classroom and provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate commitment and passion over time to decision-makers in college admissions offices. Universities review far more qualified applicants than they could ever hope …

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Impression Management 101: Managing Social Media

Social media platforms give adolescents the unique ability to share their lives and connect with others in real-time along with the arguably growing world of influencer marketing and people potentially needing to learn more about types of influencer marketing agency to help with potentially expanding their brands and images, it is debatable that the way …

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Recovering After Being Absent from School

Absences happen to the best of students. People get sick, must travel with their family, or have important events that they must attend. Missing school is something that must be avoided, but when it inevitably happens, it is important that students make sure they do everything they can to recover well. Being absent from school …

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Back-to-school resource guide

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