Spaced Repetition

Learning how to learn is the hallmark of our unique academic coaching program. While we are perfectly capable of traditional subject tutoring or test prep, we prefer to teach students skills that transcend their current grade level and classroom. The ability to self-teach, master complex subject material, and adapt to different teaching styles is quickly …

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How to Crush Finals Week

Finals week is almost here! This nerve-racking time wrought with anxiety can be tamed using the right mixture of organization, time management, learning skills, and impression management. As if students haven’t been stressed enough already during this COVID-19 school year with assignments, projects, and all sorts of tests & quizzes – now comes a deluge …

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A Guide to Note-taking

A large portion of classroom time is spent in lecture making note-taking a fundamental part of learning. So, how should notes be used? Successful notes from the lecture are used to for further note-taking later, reference material for assignments, and preparing for exams. As one synthesizes new information in the form of note-taking, it should …

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The Future of School

  COVID-19 has changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we educate. As we look forward to the next school year, it is important for parents and students alike to consider what the future of school looks like, remaining proactive and intentional in their pursuit of academic and overall well-being. …

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For the perfect balance of play and productivity, consider one of our summer Enrichment & Readiness tracks for your child.

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