Community Outreach

It takes a village to prepare students for success, and we want to do our part. As a service to the community, we are happy to offer free events and workshops to parents and counselors, as well as professionals in the fields of mental health and education. These events typically cover topics relating to the awareness, development, and promotion of essential executive functioning skills. We can also put together a panel of various experts in related fields to cover a broader array of topics and/or speak to different angles of the same topic.

Previous speaking topics:

  • My kid’s grades have fallen and they won’t come up!
  • From flunktioning to functioning
  • The secrets to a great start for your best year
  • Organization and anti-procrastination
  • Managing tasks and time for success
  • Essential compensatory skills for learning differences

Please call our office for more information or to schedule an exploratory meeting.

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