Educational Consulting

Working with students and individuals is our passion, and we can amplify our impact by working directly with schools, educators, and organizations to offer further enrichment in the area of executive functioning. Our consulting can take the form of a single presentation or a series of presentations at in-service or continuing education events. Alternatively, we enjoy working with faculty and staff on an ongoing basis to design and implement new organizational systems complete with templates in order to ensure a smooth transition to a new system for school-wide or organization-wide implementation. This turnkey consulting comes complete with help in the careful execution and roll-out of these newly developed systems with students, faculty, and staff when the project is complete.

Some examples of systems we have helped to implement are:

  • School-wide binder organization system
  • School-wide scholarship application program monitoring system
  • School-wide planner system
  • Company-wide strategic sales tactics revamp
Please call our office for more information or to schedule an exploratory meeting.

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Please call our office for more information or to book an exploratory meeting.