What makes Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC different than other companies?

Our emphasis on executive functioning skills is truly unique! Our approach to helping students is more holistic and reaches far beyond traditional subject tutoring with the objective of long-term success. Additionally, we work hard to maintain excellent working relationships with local professionals and schools, and we can often work closely with these other members of a student’s support team to more effectively help our students.

When and where do coaching sessions take place? 

Our coaches typically come to the home where students will ultimately need to execute the skills we teach them when they no longer have our support. Coaches can also meet students at their school (with approval from the school) or at our centrally located office. Coaches typically see their students 2-3 times per week for the entirety of a semester, adjusting meeting frequency as needed.

What are your primary service areas/locations?

We make every effort to accommodate students from as many areas around Houston as possible, but the majority of our students are centrally in River Oaks, West University, Bellaire, Tanglewood, Meyerland, the Heights, Memorial, and the Medical Center. We are also happy to service clients at our centrally located office.   

How is my student matched with a coach? 

When choosing the right coach for a student, we consider not just the student’s needs and schedule, but also his or her personality and interests. We want students and their coaches to connect in a way that allows for easy rapport-building to optimize results.

What schools do your students attend? 

Our students attend a variety of schools, both public and private. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the schools we work with here.