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Group Academic Coaching & Tutoring

 Fun, Affordable & Centrally-Located for Students to Learn With Their Peers

SAOTG Group Coaching & Tutoring Cover an Array of Topics to Boost Classroom Success

Our unique group academic coaching and tutoring services are designed to help students boost their skills in a small group environment that provides social motivation and increased accountability.

SAOTG instructors deliver group sessions over the summer to help students develop various aspects of their Executive Functioning (EF) skills and academic knowledge.

Our goal is to equip students with tools and strategies for tackling the most common challenges ahead.

Instructors bring energy and enthusiasm to everyday material in order to create an environment where students can both learn and have fun with their peers.

Dynamic Summer Group Coaching Courses

Quest courses: Executive Functioning

SAOTG instructors present strategies to help students sharpen their Executive Functioning (EF) skills and motivate them to work smarter in school. Each course covers specific EF and/or life skills topics for student enrichment, designed for the ever-changing educational environment. Past courses have included topics such as: An Overview of EF Skills, Dollars & Sense, and Etiquette 101.

Conquer Courses: Specific academic topics

SAOTG instructors preview course material and cover special topics specific to students’ academic coursework during the school year. Past courses have included topics such as: Preview to Algebra II, Analytical Writing Workshop, and Writing Research Papers.

Structure of Summer Group Courses

Summer course schedules are designed to work with family travel schedules. Each course typically runs Monday-Friday of a single week. Courses last approximately half a day and are generally hosted at our centrally-located office in Bellaire, TX.

Custom Course Offerings

Learning with friends can be fun! SAOTG is happy to design and schedule a specific course when there is sufficient interest. If you would like to discuss a customized course, please contact our office here.

Group Coaching vs. One-on-One Coaching

How to decide whether group or One-on-one coaching is best for your child

SAOTG’s group coaching programs differ from our one-on-one programs in many ways. Students who benefit most from our Group Coaching programs include:

Students with limited availability during the school year who  want to get an overview of EF skills or other academic topics. These students will love the week-long summer offerings of group courses.

Students who are outside our typical service area. Our centrally-located Bellaire office gives them the opportunity to learn SAOTG’s proprietary curriculum.

Students who thrive in group environments and long for a fun, supportive peer experience to better themselves as students and avoid the summer slide during the time off school. SAOTG group courses are a great opportunity for them to sharpen their skills and prepare for the coming school year.

Students transitioning from elementary school to middle school, or from middle school to high school. They will gain insider information about the transition and increase their confidence as they navigate the next step in their lives.

SAOTG Group Coaching - Instructors

SAOTG Group Coaching Instructors

Our student-focused lessons, engaging instructors, and methodology make SAOTG unlike other tutoring companies.

You can expect our team to be passionate, patient, and student-centric. Parents have remarked that their children have enjoyed their group coaching courses because of the engaging instructors. Our goal is to create group experiences that are memorable and educational. We believe all students can perform to their fullest potential with the right coaching and targeted support.

We bring the same level of expertise and mastery to our group courses that we bring to our one-on-one academic coaching and subject tutoring.

Students will experience the lasting impact of our unique blend of EF support with traditional subject tutoring with each course. Our coaches will guide students to build better habits in both subject-specific skills and Executive Function skills. This includes our four fundamental phases of academic success: organization, time management, learning skills, and impression management.

Why Choose SAOTG For Group Coaching?

Courses are fun for students, Affordable for families & structured for long-term results

Evan Weinberger - CEO of SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Evan Weinberger

Founder & CEO, SAOTG

Students in our Group Courses have fun!

Often it is a challenge for parents to convince their school-aged children to participate in academic activities outside of school, but our students consistently have fun and look forward to class time.

Is your student looking for a fun and effective way to increase academic skills? Are you concerned about the summer slide, when students regress academically over the summer? Is your student transitioning into a new school environment, such as entering middle school or high school?

SAOTG prides itself on creating a Group Coaching curriculum that is challenging to students and delivered in an engaging manner. Each group course is designed to teach a certain skillset in a way that students can understand and implement when they are back in their academic classrooms.

Unlike traditional tutoring for a single test or assignment, our Quest & Conquer Courses are designed for long-term results and aim to help students into the future. Organization, time management, study skills, and impression management provide the scaffolding for a lifetime of success, academic and beyond.

Conquer Courses allow students to get a jump-start on the year and arrive primed to succeed when the school year returns. We pride ourselves on helping students prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, the challenges of next year, and the challenges of real life because we teach lifelong skills.

Hear From Our Students and Families

SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring - Customer Reviews

My daughter has enjoyed the course and learned so much, and you have all been wonderful instructors.

I’m impressed with how thorough your course is, and I know this training will benefit her not only as she finishes middle school but also high school, college, and all aspects of her life.

— C.N., Parent, Middle School Student

I saw a lot of very confident students who have participated in the program at the beginning of the year since they were very familiar with the binder/planner system.

They were able to help others organized their binder at the beginning of the school year.

— K.A., Teacher, Middle School Science

Thank you for everything you did for these kids this week.

This is something that my son desperately needed… I think it would be good for him to continue throughout the school year to attend some of these classes.

Thank you!

— Z., Parent

Enroll Your Student in Group Coaching

If you are looking for an engaging, educational opportunity for your student during summer break, see our current group schedule.