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How to Help Students Maintain a Positive Attitude

The invisible COVID-19 has altered the lives of everyone across our planet Earth. Schools are closed, family routines have been flipped upside down, and normal rules just don’t apply anymore. On top of that, students now have to adjust to an entire new way of attending school via virtual learning.

In a time of chaos and uncertainty, there are so many uncontrollable factors. However, we must remember that there is something we can always control – and that’s our positive mindset in the midst of this funky time. By maintaining a positive attitude in our daily efforts, we can possess better problem-solving skills, reduce conflict at home, maintain productivity, and even reduce stress!

Here are some tips to stay positive and productive during this new normal:

Plan Your Day

Planning gives students a realistic awareness of what the day looks like and gives them a sense of control of what goals/tasks they need to knock out. From little tasks to more important priorities, plan it all out so that they don’t miss a single detail. For more information, check out this blog about the locus of control.

Practice Gratitude Exercises 

You’re surrounded by your inner circle ALL day long and after time that can get under your skin. However, our positive attitude is very contagious and the simple manners of “please” and “thank you” go a long way. The more positive energy you exert towards others, the more you’ll receive it in return. 

Set Weekly Goals

Virtual learning may consist of fewer school hours, but the work is still there! When you start on Monday, retrieve all the information for the week so you’re able to plan your week out. It’ll give you that “control” we talked about in our first tip, and when you’re in control, you feel unstoppable!

Get Outside and Exercise

Life isn’t all about school and academics! It’s about balance and making sure we’re improving not only our brains but also our physical and mental health! Whatever exercise you choose to do, remember that exercise triggers the release of those endorphins in your system – which are those “feel-good” hormones! 

Set Goals for Non-Academic Pursuits

To continue with balancing your life for better productivity, set goals for non-school related things that you want to complete. When your mind is focused on an enjoyable hobby or passion, you decrease stress and anxiety.

Talk to Positive People

Social distancing does not mean social disengagement. Therefore, we should continue to carry on fun, positive conversations with our loved ones and friends. Reach out or reconnect with those you know who are positive and are able to boost your spirits up!

A pandemic like this has not occurred in our lifetime, so we’re all still learning how to cope with it on a day to day basis. Although there are many uncontrollable factors, we have the ability to stay positive as we continue to grow and evolve from all of this. As we await normalcy in our routines and daily life, let’s push to make each day more positive and productive than the last.

Evan Weinberger


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