Mansi Dewan

Coach Coordinator

Fun Facts:

Encouraging, Dedicated, Compassionate

Hi! I am Mansi! In 2018, I relocated to Houston from Dubai, UAE and joined Staying Ahead of the Game as the Coach Coordinator. I believe that the school-going years are, perhaps, the most important years of a person’s life and can pave the way for an individual’s future. Strong mentors can profoundly influence a student’s life and future trajectory by improving their outlook on school, family, and providing support systems for positive academic achievement and personal growth. 

I have always enjoyed the responsibilities of working in an educational setting, as well as working with teachers, parents, and students. My supportive attitude, strong organizational skills, and experience in the mental health field enables me to be effective in working with and managing coaches and clients. I believe that the culmination of my prior international work experience and educational background, along with my passion for providing students with strong support systems, is what led me to the position of Coach Coordinator.  

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