Nikisha Parekh

Academic Coach

Fun Facts:

Attentive, Efficient, Creative

Hi! I’m Nikisha! I am an Academic Coach for Staying Ahead of the Game LLC. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Managerial Studies and minor in Business from Rice University. I have several years of experience working with students. I ran a city-wide tutoring program in Memphis, TN throughout high school, and I was Head Academic Fellow for three years at Rice University.
As an academic coach, I enjoy having the opportunity to mentor and help students develop the skills they need to succeed now and in the future. I love seeing the growth of my students and watching their excitement grow as they reach their goals or achieve an understanding of a concept. I always want my students to know that everyone learns at a different pace and to never compare themselves or their experiences with anyone else.

Academic Coaching & Tutoring for 360˚ Support for the 2020-2021 School Year

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