Alexandra Sherman

Academic Coach

Fun Facts:

  • Grew up in Houston and Kingsville
  • Loves Sushi
  • Favorite place to visit is Colombia
  • Quote I live by “You won’t know what you are missing unless you try it”

Adventurous, Focused, Compassionate,

Hi! I’m Alexandra! I am an Academic Coach for Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders from Texas A&M University – Kingsville. I am passionate about education; specifically, elementary education and I am currently a 3rd grade teacher. I am excited to have the opportunity to positively influence a student’s educational growth and understanding in life.  I strive to help instill confidence in the students I work with, that they can carry with them throughout their life.

In my past and current experience working in education, I have learned that through creating a safe space and building strong communication between myself the student and their parents, we can motivate the student to do the best and be the best they can be.