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Brooklynn Sanders

MindPrint Specialist

Fun Facts:

Driven, Motivating, Compassionate

Hi! I’m Brooklynn! I am an Academic Coach for Staying Ahead of the Game!, LLC. I have a bachelor’s degree in social work from Northwestern State University. My interest in education began when I was a tutor in high school and eventually, I moved into professional training. Through my education and past experience, I have become familiar with the combined influence that psychology and surrounding social environments have on physical and mental wellness. Because of this perspective, I prioritize relationships, research, and communication and I have always sought “non-traditional” ways of serving students.

I believe that the Staying Ahead of the Game. LLC. Program provides the student with unique skills that are transferable to all parts of life.  I strive to empower young people by outlining steps that will go beyond the typical.  I look forward to witnessing those ‘Aha’ moments with my students as they begin to understand new concepts and gain confidence!