Chris Chambers

Academic Coach

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite food is authentic barbacoa tacos.
  • Speaks English, Spanish, and German
  • Avid Arsenal FC fan
  • Travelled to 30+ countries on 5 continents
  • A quote I live by is: "Love is shown more in deeds than in words." (Saint Ignatius of Loyola)

Adventurous, Determined, Curious

Hi, I am Chris! I currently serve as the Marketing Specialist for Staying Ahead of the Game. As such, I have the privilege of being able to drive the company’s engagement with the public through social media and our website. I love that my job allows me to help the company to expand our reach as far as possible and bring helpful tips to students and parents.

Another benefit of my expanded role in the company is the ability to teach the group classes to students both at our office and on location at schools throughout the Houston area. It is especially rewarding to be able to help develop our program in such a meaningful and impactful way. 

My favorite part of the SAOTG’s coaching program is the overarching goal of helping students perform to their potential by equipping them with the systems, habits, tools, and skills they need to manage stress and achieve greater success. I truly enjoy bringing creative solutions to enduring problems by instilling in students a deep desire to change the world for the better, one student at a time.