Sarah Shireen

Academic Coach

Fun Facts:

Meticulous, Determined, Reliable

Hi! I’m Sarah! I am an Academic Coach for Staying Ahead of the Game. I have a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Wellesley College. I have had several years of experience working with students including as Director of STEMKit (a science organization within Wellesley College and Wellesley Centers for Women) and an intern with “The Exploratory,” I taught STEM subjects and led labs for elementary and middle school students in Nsawam, Ghana. I love helping students gain command over their own academic path and trajectory. A student’s confidence is their greatest asset, as it is their fuel for academic perseverance. Building that self-confidence in the classroom is my primary objective with each of my students. I always remind my students that academic excellence is not a character trait a handful of people are born with; it is a habit one must diligently work to build. It is a habit that ANYONE can build.