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Unique Academic Coaching and Tutoring Programs for Students 3rd Grade Through College

In-Person and Virtual Sessions to Help Students Build the Foundation to Learn How to Learn

SAOTG is an academic coaching and tutoring company headquartered in Bellaire, Texas and serving the Greater Houston Area, as well as Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Whether your student struggles with deadlines, underperforms on assessment, lacks study skills, or hopes to improve scores on standardized tests, we have a program and a coach to match your student’s needs.
We work primarily with students in 3rd through 12th grade, as well as college students, to sharpen their Executive Function (EF) skills and master subject-specific content.

SAOTG Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services

Helping Students Develop Executive Functioning (EF) Skills

We Can Take Your Student from Good to Great

The typical student faces many obstacles to success. Besides showing mastery of a rigorous academic course load, the best students must also possess the social skills to self-promote and self-advocate in order to thrive in the face of challenges and achieve to their full potential.
Regardless of academic ability, we strongly believe student — and professional — success necessarily requires building and mastering effective and efficient systems for these
4 key Executive Functioning skills:

SAOTG Executive Functioning Skills - Organization


SAOTG Executive Functioning Skills - Time Management

Time Management

SAOTG Executive Functioning Skills - Study Skills

Study Skills

SAOTG Executive Functioning Skills - Impression Management

Impression Management

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services

Our mission is to help capable students, including those struggling with learning differences, to achieve greater success by improving their self-regulation and Executive Functioning (EF) skills.

Academic Coaching & Tutoring

End the family battles about school! For students who are underperforming because they struggle with EF skills, mastering subject matter, and/or managing stress, we identify the areas of development and help them suceed.

MindPrint Assessment

Tap into your student’s greatest potential! Find out how they can use innate strengths and weaknesses to simplify their efforts. The Mindprint Assessment is the worldwide leader in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) assessments.

Standardized Test Prep

Get the score your student deserves! For students who are preparing to take entrance exams at the middle school, high school, or college level. We offer help with the ISEE, SSAT, SAT, and ACT using our own custom review materials.

Group Coaching

Enroll your student in engaging enrichment classes with their peers! For students or groups looking to make learning more fun and engaging by academically beneficial summer and year-round programming.

Why Choose an Academic Coach for Your Student?

The Most Important Learning in School is Skills not Subjects

We will help your student learn the skills that no class specifically teaches, but that everyone in the world expects them to have. Wrapped up within the four categories of Executive Functioning skills are the endless “soft skills” that separate good students from great students:

Though these skills are crucial, they are often not the focus of any class or curriculum, which is why working with an SAOTG Academic Coach can help your student.

Not Sure Where to Start?

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