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Healthy Habits

Keeping Students Active

With students and parents cooped up for the majority of the day, conflict is inevitable. We want to encourage students to mimic the school schedule

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Executive Functioning

Why Smart Students Struggle in School

   Gifted, intelligent students have the world at their feet. They have the ability to breeze through classes, earn impressive grades, and build a successful

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Executive Functioning

Understanding Executive Function

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve heard the term Executive Function used a lot. There’s a good reason for that; Executive Functioning skills are

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What’s Happening with HISD?

The Houston Independent School District (HISD) has come under fire recently, as the Texas Education Agency (TEA) threatens to take over HISD’s elected board of

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Subject Spotlight: Chemistry

What is the hardest subject in highschool? Some would say Calculus. Others would throw out AP World History or APSpanish Language and Culture. In all

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Time Management

Procrastination vs Proactiveness

It’s Thursday evening and you’re frantically working to finish up this science project due tomorrow morning at 8am. Tired, anxious, and annoyed that you can’t

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Parent Cheerleaders

I think we can all agree that every parent wants their children to do well. Whether academically, athletically, or socially, seeing their children succeed is

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Study Skills

How Memory Works

“I have a bad memory.” This is one of my least favorite phrases in the English language. I have to remind students every day that

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