The Future of School

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  COVID-19 has changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we educate. As we look forward to the next school year, it is important for parents and students alike to consider what the future of school looks like, remaining proactive and intentional in their pursuit of academic and overall well-being. From the growing importance of technology and the possibility of hybrid schedules to mastering the learn from home lifestyle, considering the future of school ensures that students and their families remain happy and productive during this new normal. Here are a few ways that school could look different in the fall, along with some SAOTG tips to help students adjust to this normal:

Technology is King

As many students, parents, and educators learned in March, technology is of paramount importance to the virtual classroom. Whether your school opts for Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, or some other platform, maintaining fluidity and organization across platforms is crucial. We recommend digitizing our tried and true binder set up. See more tips about organization here. As for maintaining sanity during stress technological failures, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Schools are doing everything they can to make sure students have everything they need to succeed.

Changing Roles

The COVID-19 pandemic modified how many of us worked, learned, and lived our everyday lives. With students working from home, many parents were thrust into the role of educational moderators. Likewise, many students were tasked with managing younger siblings in addition to taking on higher levels of self-management. Teachers expected many students to manage their own calendars and to-do lists. The best way to manage unexpected spikes in chaos is to have a system in place beforehand to manage your day. As many time management gurus have said, “ Manage your time or it will manage you.” We recommend students spend a few minutes at the beginning of each day writing down their tasks for the day and refreshing themselves on any scheduled events for that day. Try to implement some version of this time management system into the summer. As schools look to reopen, there are no assurances that students will have a structure that they are used to. Prepare now so that the beginning of the year will go smoothly, regardless of what schools decide to do with asynchronous schedules, remote learning, and the like.

Learn How to Learn

By far, one of the most valuable components of our curriculum is learning skills. We teach students how to use their strengths across multiple subjects. This prevents band-aid solutions like cramming for tests or rushing a paper. These skills will become even more important as schools make announcements about the fall. Self-management is crucial, but so are learning skills. For more information on these crucial supports, please call our office.

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