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Four Phases to Success


Our academic coaches work with students to assess their current organizational skills and implement a new, highly personalized organizational system that works with their individual needs. Organization is an essential prerequisite to getting things done.


Our academic coaches teach students how to properly use a planner in order to maximize their awareness of upcoming assignments. Students learn how to plan effectively for homework, assessments, projects, and papers. Time-management is an essential skill for achieving a healthy school – life balance.

Study Skills

Our academic coaches teach students the art and science of studying across all subject areas, as well as strategies for effective reading, writing, and note-taking. Additionally, students learn techniques for maximizing retention, as well as test-taking with confidence.

Impression Management 

Our academic coaches teach students about the importance of utilizing resources such as teachers, counselors, advisors, parents, peers, etc. to maximize their success. Coaches introduce the idea of social capital and stress the importance of involvement in clubs and activities, both inside and outside of school. We believe traditional intelligence (IQ) is important to a point, but emotional intelligence (EQ) is the edge students need to perform at their best!