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Staying ahead of the Game Executive function coach Petra was absolutely wonderful and key to supporting all of my daughter's academic endeavors. All of which lead to her college acceptance just about everywhere she applied (thinking much of this would not have been the case without Petra). Petra found a way to connect with my daughter and significantly improved all of her organizational and management skills... not to mention, clearly went above and beyond checking in on her and supporting her all the way through. She will be missed! Thank you Petra! (and Staying Ahead of the Game!).
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for these kind words, Tim! I know Petra has really enjoyed working with your daughter. We are all so proud of her hard work, and she deserves every college acceptance she received. Now that you are a part of our SAOTG family, feel free to reach out for anything anytime.
I have had such a great experience with Staying Ahead of the Game. The initial contact and applying was easy and professional. My child was matched with a coach that fit with them perfectly. It made such a difference in my child’s school year! They went from struggling to confident and assured ( and way better grades). During exam times they found a tutor that also was very helpful. I highly recommend using them and am signing up my your child today. Carmen is fantastic!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for this thoughtful review! We appreciate your kind words more than you can imagine. We are so grateful for the opportunity to support your family.
At Fusion Academy, we love SAOTG because they provide such a necessary in home resource for students. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for pointing this out, Scott! While coordinating the logistics of providing in-home services requires a lot of extra effort, we continue to be one of the only companies still offering it. We know so many of our families appreciate the convenience. Fusion Academy continues to be such a miracle for many of the students who attend school there. Thanks again!
Excellent with organizational advice for any student in school (from elementary to college)! They can give you as much or as little assistance as is needed-very "user friendly" advice for all!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Toni! With the right support, organizational systems are easy to create. However, in order for them to be effective, they need to be easy to maintain. We have worked very hard to develop systems that are super easy for students to do both. We really appreciate your kind words!
The team at Staying Ahead of the Game has been so informative and helpful to our campus. We are learning so much from them, which in turn, helps our teachers help our students.
Response from the owner: Our work at schools like yours represents a whole other dimension of our dream and mission. Thank you for these wonderful opportunities to engage with your amazing school community.
We love Evan and his team! Thank you so much for all of your help!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for these kind words, Ana! We have really enjoyed doing professional development workshops at the school, as well as presentations to parents. Your school community is amazing!
We have been so pleased with SAOTG and our tutor, Candace. She has helped so much with organization, time management, and academics - and does it all with a smile! We’ve seen improved time management skills and an increase in motivation which has resulted in higher grades and self confidence. We’re so happy we found SAOTG and Candace!
Response from the owner: This is amazing, Amanda! We are so happy you love Candace. You really made our week with these kind words.
I got tutoring for my PSAT, and my score improved by a lot! Samantha Kata helped me prepare for the test, and made me feel ready for it. She was always patient and helped me work through the difficult problems. Big thanks to SAOTG for all their test prep help!
Response from the owner: Thank you for these kind words, Mackenzie! We are so proud of you and your hard work. You are awesome!
Evan came to speak to the senior class of our YMSL chapter about study skills, organization and the transition from high school to college. He focused on strategies such as time management and work organization in order to maximize productivity and achieve a healthy work-life balance.
Response from the owner: It was such a pleasure presenting to your seniors about the power of executive functioning skills and preparing for the monumental transition to college. What a wonderful organization!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Julie! Samantha really enjoys working with your family.
I went to one of their talks with an open mind to hear about their approach, I’m so happy I did! Best invested hour of my life when it comes down how to manage my kids and my parent scheduled when it comes to school curriculum.Tiny strategies make a huge different in discipline and less fighting when it comes down to homework. If you have the opportunity to go to one, do! No regrets 🙂
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for these kind words of support, Laura! We love doing presentations out in the community to parents, educators, and professionals. If you ever attend another presentation, please introduce yourself so we can thank you again in person.
We have had great success with Staying Ahead of the Game. They are quick to respond to all issues and have made time to address problems that have come up. They communicate well with my teenage son and he feels heard and supported. James is his current tutor and my sons initial reaction, was- "This guy is the real deal." High praise coming from a kid with years of tutorial experience.
Response from the owner: This is wonderful feedback, Evangeline! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. It’s only Monday, but you have already made our week with your kind words.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Angie!
I heard Evan give presentation about helping kids improve their executive functioning skills at my son's school. I learned many useful techniques but I knew that my teen had to hear it directly from Evan in order to implement them.My son did a 2-hour session with Evan where they put together binders for his classes and learned how to organize his schoolwork going forward. He learned how to use a planner and how that's different from a school portal. He learned when, where and for how long it's best to do homework.To make sure the new skills become a habit, we will do a few sessions with one of the coaches on the SAOTG team.Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: We are so happy you enjoyed Evan’s presentation. We really appreciate your kind words. We love doing events for parents and educators out in the community. Thank you!
Excellent academic coaching and tutoring service! Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much!
I've been working with Samantha as soon as I started college and started achieving grades that I never thought I would've been able to achieve if I were to have done it myself.
Response from the owner: You are amazing, Marcos! Keep working hard and you will continue to surprise yourself. We are so proud of you!
We’ve had a great experience with Staying Ahead of the Game (SAOTG) and our tutor Alec (who is the best ever). Matching a tutor to your child’s personality, learning style, and educational goals is the first and most important step in their process, and they take it seriously. My son actually enjoys his time with his tutor, who has helped him improve his grades, plan ahead, and organize his life. Additionally, SAOTG is great about working around my son’s demanding and time-intensive sports schedule. We couldn’t have successfully (without some family stress) made it to this point in high school without Alec’s guidance and SAOTG.
Response from the owner: We love Alec as well! Thank you so much for sharing these kind words with us.
Evan and his tutors are the best! Highly recommend. They are incredibly supportive of our kids and understanding of our kids' learning differences. Evan's tutors go beyond academic and executive functioning coaching. Last year they gave our kids (ages 10 and 13) confidence to attend a new school with different teaching styles and a new math program. We found our kids' tutors to be attentive, organized and versatile. Evan personally jumped in whenever we needed help, and he took the time to get to know our family's needs. Our kids' grades went up and our kids are more organized and motivated knowing that their tutors believe in them.
Response from the owner: This means more to us than you could ever imagine. Thank you endlessly for these kind words. Your family is amazing!
Samantha was such a positive influence to my son - she gave him the skills and confidence to apply, interview, and start a new job!
Response from the owner: This really makes us smile, Melissa! Thank you for these kind words.
I have had the best time as an Academic Coach with SAOTG! Working with the families & students has been really fulfilling, and added a sense of community and appreciation in my life. The staff also make sure to take good care of their coaches: They communicate exceptionally well, and they keep a nice stock of snacks available in their office!
Response from the owner: This is awesome, Jacob! We will miss you for sure. Thank you for these kind words.
Best tutors ever!
Response from the owner: Thank you!!!
Response from the owner: Awesome!!
SAOTG is a wonderful organization to partner with! They are knowledgeable, organized, and outside of the box thinkers. Gateway Academy loves SAOTG!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Michele!! We love our partnership.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Elizabeth!!
Fantastic Presentation on how to help your kids with improving organizational skills and gain better study habits! Learned a lot of useful tips and highly recommend!!
Response from the owner: We are so happy you enjoyed our presentation. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us. Your kind words made our day!!
Our experience with SAOTG has been amazing. Starting with Evan who helped us understand what executive functions are and how they play in our life while being empathetic and good to connect with my teenager. My son’s organization and time management has highly improved since he started his coaching and most important, due to this, his anxiety at school has also gone down significantly. The coaches are very professional and well trained to work with teenagers. The methodology they use is robust, creative and best of all, with grate results.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Angie!
I simply love SAOTG! The owner Evan is a man of integrity with a single purpose in mind -- helping students meet with success. After being an educator for 25 years myself, I have chosen SAOTG to help my son prep for his ACT. They chose the perfect person to coach my son through what could be a very stressful time. Most tutors have the brains, but not all can connect with young people. At SAOTG, these tutors get kids! They understand the pressure students are under and know how to alleviate that stress through guided practice and know-how. When our tutor, Alec, left our house after the first meeting, my 16-year-old said, "Man, I'm impressed with how together he is." And that's coming from a teenage boy; he recognized that Alec knows his stuff. Alec was very personable and instilled a lot of confidence in my son. After carefully reviewing his diagnostic, Alec created a targeted plan of study and practice. He created review packets and reference sheets, and he gave my son manageable practice to work on until their next meeting. I highly recommend this tutoring company for any students needing Executive Functioning help, test prep, or subject area/course content help. They are the real deal!
Response from the owner: This means so much to us, Toni! Words are not enough to express how thankful we are for this thoughtful review. We truly enjoyed the privilege of helping your son. We know he will do amazing things.
Staying Ahead of the Game has been a blessing for our family! We are so happy with their services and the support they have provided.
Response from the owner: This is awesome, Martin! Thank you so much for sharing.
Response from the owner: Thank you!!
Evan was amazing at our NCL meeting. He showed us a lot of cool organizational stuff. It was so helpful.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Ava!! This was so much fun.
My pre-teen and teen really enjoy working with their tutor Camiel. She is thorough and has helped the boys become more organized. I loved how she gave us a list of supplies to purchase to improve organization and assisted them with putting their binders together. She is also helpful with tutoring in class work which I find a plus. Wish I would have discovered SAOTG earlier. I also have to mention that the boys love going to the SAOTG center because its stocked with all of their favorite snacks which motivates them as well.
SAOTG has provided much needed support for my family these past 2 years. Michaella has been working with my daughter on executive functioning skills and it has literally been a game changer. She now knows how to study for tests and plan for projects more effectively, and her grades have improved drastically. SAOTG is worth every penny!
Great tutors! They work with you proactively, and are one of the few tutors who genuinely aims to prepare you to no longer need use them.
Evan Weinberger spoke at our school PTO Parent Education series. He does a great job of explaining the concepts of executive functioning skills and provided helpful, tangible tips on how we can help our kids. His experience and demeanor gave me confidence that his program would be useful for kids needing some extra help.
Evan and his team are top-notch. As someone who has worked in education for years, I love how SAOTG supports not just academics but executive functioning and organization. These skills can be applied to so many facets of life and build a child's confidence. Most of the time, these skills are difficult to teach in the day-to-day classroom setting.
Staying Ahead of the Game has been a true blessing in my life. It has helped me take proactive steps to develop healthy habits for school, the working world and life in general. I feel that SAOTG truly cares and wants to see each of their clients functioning at their optimal level. Thank you SAOTG!!!
Had a great experience. They really helped me a lot with my organization and making sure I got everything done for school that I needed to get done. They helped me set up binders that really helped me out a lot with keeping track of papers and also having everything organized which made for easier access
Tony is an excellent tutor/academic coach. He has taught my son numerous organizational skills and helped him navigate a rigorous middle school curriculum. He is also a great motivator (which can be challenging during the middle school years). He was always punctual and available, and he provided excellent feedback regarding my son’s progress. I highly recommend Tony and Staying Ahead of the Game.
Our experience with SAOTG has been top-notch from the 1st phone call.Evan has worked closely with my son & me to hear & understand our wishes & to connect us with a counselor who is a great match.Diana has an intuitive understanding of how to work with my son, keeping him on-task in a firm & consistent but collaborative way. After his meetings with Diana, my son is happy, excited and encouraged. It's so great to see.Thanks SO much SAOTG!!
Our school advisory committee was looking for an Executive Functioning Skills coach to speak to our 3rd-5th grade parents in preparation for middle school. Evan and his team came highly recommended from our sister high school. Our parents were blown away by the insight and ideas they walked away with and were able to begin using immediately. Evan and team - thank you! We look forward to introducing our students to you and watching them succeed!
The relationship I have come to have with my tutor, Beth, is one that I value so much and will cherish forever. Not only is she qualified, patient, and extremely smart... she is kind, funny, and always knows how to hold me accountable and push me to be my best when it comes to doing my school work. Evan and his team really know what they're doing and I am thankful to have tutors from SAOTG!
Evan is the best, he has gotten both of my kids organized and on top of their classes to have a great start to their classes. Now they know how to stay organized and make sure they do not lose their notes and homework!! Thank you Evan!!
SUper useful information and would totally recommend it!
SAOTG has helped me for 6 years to manage my schedule, schoolwork, and life. There is a dedicated academic coach or tutor to fit every need and student. I wish I could give 6 stars!!!
Evan and his team at SAOTG helped our children anticipate, and prepare for school tests and quizzes, and helped them maintain organized school folders throughout the year. Thank you for helping our children demonstrate their academic potential.
It’s great to collaborate w/SAOTG with our mutual clients!