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Khavvia Shanmugasundararaj

Academic Coach

Fun Facts:

Dedicated, Creative, Thoughtful

Hi! I’m Khavvia! I am an Academic Coach for Staying Ahead of the Game LLC. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, and a Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy all from the University of Texas in Austin. I believe that school is not just about learning new topics. I think more importantly, it’s about learning how to learn. As they advance through progressively more challenging material, they learn how to adapt to the difficulty of the material. In order to do this, they must balance their personal life with school, which is a skill that they will use well after they are done with school. I want my students to feel safe asking for help. I think it’s the biggest challenge holding students back. I love seeing my students improve over time which helps build their confidence!