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Patty McDonald

Bookkeeping Specialist

Fun Facts:

Encouraging, Patient, Logical

H! I am Patty! I have been doing the accounting and bookkeeping for Staying Ahead of the Game since 2014. Before I came on board, they had been doing everything in house, but the addition of a dedicated person to handle the billing and “numbers stuff” allowed the rest of the team to better serve the students and the community. It is amazing to see how many new and exciting programs have become fixtures in the SAOTG calendar in the years since I came to the company. I love knowing that the work we do is able to improve the education and family lives of the students all over Houston. I love the heart of SAOTG because the goal is always to improve the life of each and every student that comes our way by allowing them to feel successful in ways that will carry them into the future. I really believe that every person who works here has that goal in their heart