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Vanessa Rodriguez-Mena

Academic Coach

Fun Facts:

Dedicated, Adaptable, Artistic

Hi! I’m Vanessa! I am an Academic Coach for Staying Ahead of the Game LLC. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology from Florida International University. I’m currently pursuing a post-bacc certificate in Biomedical Sciences and Health Equity at Baylor College of Medicine. I have been tutoring students for over three years, with kindergarten to 12th grade students. I also have classroom experience teaching middle school and high school math. I believe school is an important tool to gain as much knowledge and wisdom as possible to achieve a student’s end goal for their chosen career. There are so many things you learn at school that keep us curious about the world, and there are always still unanswered questions. I want to teach my students that everyone learns at their own pace, and that’s okay!