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SAOTG School Supplies Items

Binder System Items:

 Avery Heavy-Duty D-ring Binder (2” – White)

Avery Heavy-Duty D-ring Binders offer a durable organization solution for your documents with its one-touch open mechanism and sturdy construction. This particular line of binders features an external pocket for cover sheets and additional, reinforced interior pockets for papers to be turned in. This link is for a 2-inch white binder, but students can choose the colors and sizes that work best for their personal systems. 

 Subject Dividers (Avery 11270)

The Avery 11270 Subject Dividers provide efficient organization for your binders, featuring easy-to-insert tabs, an extra-wide margin, and pockets for strength. With pre-punched holes for convenient compatibility, these dividers offer a hassle-free solution for breaking binders into broad subjects that can be easily accessed. 

Subdividers (Avery 11110)

The Avery 11110 Subdividers are the perfect size for subdividers that can be used for detailed categorization within a given subject. These subdividers facilitate efficient sorting of all of the types of papers that come from a single class. They are great for managing complex subjects and keeping important items like tests and quizzes within reach. 

Reinforced Looseleaf Paper (8.5”x11” – Single Pack – College Ruled)

FiveStar Reinforced Looseleaf Paper in 8.5”x11” size, so it fits seamlessly with other handouts and printed items. These college ruled sheets, ensure a sturdy and organized platform for your notes and assignments. The papers’ reinforced edges add durability, and provide reliable support for your writing needs, making it an ideal choice for an organized student. 

 Reinforced Graph Paper (8.5”x11” – Single Pack)

FiveStar Reinforced Graph Paper in 8.5”x11” size offers a durable and precise surface for your mathematical and design work. With reinforced edges for added strength, this graph paper provides reliable support for graphing, charting, and other technical tasks, making it an essential tool for engineers, architects, students, and professionals alike.


Useful Additions: 

Time Timer  

The Time Timer is a visual timer designed to help individuals manage time more effectively by displaying the passage of time in a clear and intuitive way. Its distinctive red disk gradually disappears as time elapses, providing a tangible representation of time remaining. Ideal for boosting productivity, managing tasks, and promoting focus, the Time Timer is widely used in classrooms, workplaces, and homes to improve time management skills and increase productivity. 


A hole-puncher is a simple yet essential tool to create neat and uniform holes in paper for binding purposes. This model is perfect for at-home use. 


This stapler is a great option for a student’s home work space. It is a simple, but affordable choice with a one-touch mechanism. 

Label Maker

A label maker is a great addition to an organized home work space. It is easy to use and allows students to keep all materials in a designated place. 

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