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The 5 Best Apps for Students

Students today have hundreds of educational tools at their disposal. Although technology can be distracting in the classroom for some, the apps listed below are some of our recommendations to help students stay on top of their academics. 

  1. Quizlet- Quizlet is an all-inclusive app that allows students to download and use flashcard sets that other students have already created or to create their own from scratch. The app is a necessity for any student. From Spanish to History, Quizlet’s spaced repetition algorithm is perfect for quickly and conveniently learning vocabulary. Quizlet has both an online platform and an iPhone application, making it a wonderful tool for students on the go. For example, successful students can review for their upcoming vocabulary quiz in the car on the way to school or during downtime before a basketball game. Quizlet is also a huge timesaver because it has hundreds of thousands of pre-made flashcard sets from many of the most common textbooks. To find your vocabulary or key terms on Quizlet, simply type four or five words from a student’s word list into Google, followed by the word “Quizlet.” A helpful link should appear in seconds. Successful students should click on the learn tab. The learn function of Quizlet uses a very intelligent algorithm backed by neuroscience. Words that a student gets right on the first try will be shown less frequently, while harder words are shown more often. The learn function also gives students a helpful progress bar that shows the percentage of words that have been mastered from the overall list of terms, depending on how the learning modules can customized to challenge students with matching, multiple-choice, or fill-in-the-blank style questions.
  2. iStudiez Pro– Planning is one of the most important skills students can learn. Effective planning is a pillar of our curriculum and a clear indicator of a successful student. While a traditional pen-and-paper planner works just fine, some students might opt for a digital planner to keep track of their assignments. iStudiez Pro allows students to keep all their academic information in one spot across multiple devices. The system allows students to input their classes along with their teachers’ contact information in a color-coordinated dashboard. Students can then input tests, projects, quizzes, and homework assignments for their classes, along with due dates and instructions. iStudiez also allows students to prioritize their assignments as they input them, ensuring that the right things get done every day. iStudiez also syncs with Apple or Google Calendar, bolstering a student’s ability to manage his or her time.
  3. Snap2PDF– The ability to effectively share information is crucial in the modern-day classroom. From sending notes to a lab partner to turning in assignments, students often have to scan documents in order to quickly and clearly share information. Snap2PDF allows students to quickly turn any piece of paper into a PDF then email it wherever it needs to go. Easy access to PDF converting software makes it easy to turn things in right away, limiting zeros, late grades, and lost papers. 
  4. Photomath- Photo math is one of the most dynamic and practical apps on this list. This nifty piece of software allows a student to snap a photo of almost any math problem and get step-by-step solutions on his/her screen. Immediate gratification can be both extremely helpful and extremely dangerous when doing math homework. On one hand, access to instantaneous feedback helps students check answers, boost confidence, and correct errors before they become habits. On the other hand, some students might be tempted to use Photomath to avoid doing the work for themselves on their homework because it creates a false illusion of saving time. Correctly and completely completing one’s math homework is the best way to study for quizzes and tests, so copying down answers to daily assignments is just another form of procrastination. Photomath, when used correctly to check answers and provide helpful feedback, is a powerful tool that can help any math student.
  5. Wolfram Alpha- Wolfram Alpha is like Google plus Photomath plus Wikipedia. It has an accurate answer for almost any problem. Wolfram Alpha is a great way to quickly find out which Spanish conquistador was the first to see the Grand Canyon or how to do that next Calculus problem. Wolfram Alpha is a one-stop shop for every answer a student needs, but the most helpful part of Wolfram Alpha is the depth of its answers. Once again, students should be cautious about becoming too comfortable using such a powerful tool too causally; with access to great resources comes great responsibility. Students should remember to use Wolfram Alpha as a tool, not a crutch. 

Honorable mention: Conjuguemos– Have you been struggling with verb conjugations in your Spanish, French, or Latin class recently? Google Conjuguemos. Although not technically an application, this helpful website is a game changer for any language course. It generates practice problems for verb conjugations and vocabulary in six different languages, and it is completely customizable. For example, if you want to practice preterit and imperfect verbs for your Spanish test next week, you can generate a free practice test and receive graded feedback using conjuguemos.

Do you know of other helpful apps for students? Feel free to share them in the comments section below! Do you think your student needs more than an app to reach their academic potential? Check out our one-on-one coaching services here.

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