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What’s Happening with HISD 2023 Update

In December of 2019, we posted an article to explain the developing situation between the Texas Education Agency and the Houston Independent School District (HISD) for control over Houston’s public schools. HISD has been under scrutiny for several years due to issues with academic performance and governance. The district has struggled to address these challenges, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In recent months, the situation has escalated, so we are providing a supplement to our 2019 article.

The Texas Tribune reports that the Texas Education Agency is now in the process of deciding whether to take over HISD’s board of trustees, citing concerns over the district’s academic performance and leadership. The district has faced a variety of challenges in recent years, including low test scores, high dropout rates, and financial mismanagement. Like many other school districts, HISD has been hit hard by COVID-19 learning loss. According to a 2019 report by the Houston Chronicle, HISD had the lowest graduation rate of any large urban district in the state of Texas. In addition to poor educational outcomes, the district has faced accusations of financial mismanagement, with some critics alleging that HISD has been diverting funds away from schools and into other areas of the district’s budget. HISD has attempted to address these issues through a variety of initiatives and reforms to prevent a state takeover. For example, the district has implemented a number of programs aimed at increasing student achievement, such as the Apollo program, which targeted underperforming schools with additional resources and support.

According to recent reports, the Texas Education Agency is now considering taking over the district’s board of trustees due to concerns over academic performance and leadership. This latest development represents a significant escalation in the situation. The potential consequences of state intervention in HISD are significant and could have a major impact on the district’s students and families. Some experts suggest that state intervention could lead to improvements in academic performance and financial management, while others worry that it could disrupt the district’s operations and create additional uncertainty for students and families. As the Texas Tribune reports, the state has previously taken over other struggling school districts in Texas, including North Forest ISD and Edgewood ISD.

At SAOTG, we do not have an official opinion on these recent developments in HISD. However, we believe knowledge is valuable, and information is power. We encourage all parents who have children in the public school system or are considering transitioning their children to the public school system to follow this developing story. We recognize the challenges that students face in navigating complex educational systems. That’s why we offer a unique service that focuses on executive function development, which is crucial for academic and personal success. By improving skills such as organization, time management, and self-advocacy, students can better navigate the demands of their education and achieve their goals. As the situation with HISD unfolds, it’s important for parents, educators, and students to stay informed and engaged.

Evan Weinberger


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