March 2021

Self- Advocacy Spotlight: learning how to disagree

Students absolutely must learn how to disagree with teachers, parents, and peers in a respectful manner. This one skill is the foundation for self-advocacy. Failing to learn the art of disagreement can have disastrous consequences both inside and outside the classroom. Luckily, this skill, like all executive functioning skills, can be taught. In the sections …

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Attention is a precious resource. That’s a belabored point and not the thesis of this blog post. Instead, let’s look at what attention is, how technology changes its scarcity, and what we can do to reclaim it. What is Attention? Attention comes from the Latin word attendere, which literally means to reach or stretch toward. …

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On Giving Up & Grit

Inevitably, every student hits a wall. Motivation dissipates as the number of assignments continues to increase, outpacing meaningful progress and overcoming student satisfaction. Burnout is an incredibly difficult process to watch, especially when the stakes are high (admissions, eligibility, etc.). So, as teachers, parents, and coaches, how can we help students facing burnout? What can …

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