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Evan Weinberger

Executive Function and Mindfulness

In the last two decades, neurological research on mindfulness training has made headlines. People who meditate or practice reflection on a daily basis report better concentration, confidence, and satisfaction. Likewise, mindfulness practices can help students reach their potential and improve their executive functioning skills, which is what we are all about here at SAOTG.  As …

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Helping Students Build Social Capital

Building strong relationships with teachers and advisors is an essential aspect of academic and personal success. These relationships can provide mentorship, support, and guidance, assisting students in navigating the challenges of school and life. Moreover, developing robust relationships with teachers and advisors can help students build social capital, which can provide access to opportunities, resources, …

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​The Importance of Social Emotional

We all want our high school and college students to succeed academically and socially. Mastering executive function and social-emotional learning can make all the difference. At SAOTG, we believe that educating the whole student is the key to success. That’s why we’ve developed a unique executive function curriculum that includes organization, time management, learning skills, …

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Your Guide to AP Exams

Every year, we get questions about AP Exams. These enigmatic, four-hour academic marathons decide the fate of a student’s college credit, which is, after all, the main reason for taking AP exams. However, it’s not the only purpose. Yes, AP classes allow high school students to earn college credit, but they also help students acclimate …

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In Defense of Flashcards

Many students cringe when I suggest flashcards as a study tool, eschewing this seemingly anachronistic practice for more stimulating study methods. However, I quickly remind them that sometimes study techniques survive for several decades because they actually work. Moreover, flashcards flex many of the muscles integral to a student’s executive function skills, such as prioritization, …

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